Rediscovering & preserving moments that bring families together

Rediscovering & preserving moments that bring families together


We believe in the importance of strong family connections and how photos and videos can capture what matters most. Something magical happens when we share these moments with those we love – it brings us closer together.

Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne is on a mission to protect those moments and inspire families to share them (with ease) for generations to come.

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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Experience luxury products and reliable services that save you time and make it easy to enjoy your memories now with confidence that they’ll never be lost. Your memories will be managed and protected, while your space is decluttered and replaced with elegant home décor and premium, heart-melting gifts.

Preserving your memories

Preserve Memories with Kris LeDonne

It’s important to have your captured memories preserved and managed; however, the real magic lies in sharing them with those you love most. Sharing photos and videos is a love language; they help us remember the best parts of our lives we wish to bring into the future, and sharing them creates new wonderful memories in the process. Let’s make that easy for you!

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What people are saying

FINALLY, I can watch our home movies that have been digitized by Kris whenever or wherever I want and share them with anyone I want with ease …The investment to hire Kris is priceless and I am excited to commission her expertise, care, and creativity for many more meaningful projects to save and store my special memories.”
– Holli

Working with Kris was an excellent experience. She was able to absorb the story of the Fisher family through our extensive photo collection (electronic and hard copy) and translate it into an amazing album. Beside being a terrific graphic designer, Kris is also very capable in using technology to provide a great product. She was well organized and a good communicator. We heartily recommend her.”
– Bruce

Every year, I gift my mother and mother in law gift cards for Reminiscence and am blown away by what they come up with by working with Kris. It’s so exciting to see a piece of their most precious memories come to life, and is a special moment for everyone in the family to enjoy. The best part is how passionate Kris is over the final project!
– Jessica

Don’t lose your photos and tapes to time and don’t keep them to yourself- contact Kris so she can help you preserve them, display them and share them.”
– Jo

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