OK now that we’ve fully switched to a digital photo society (which yes, happened over time- some more gradual than others) it’s important that we can still access the images that we cared enough to capture in the first place! Since there are so many formats, it’s important to take some basic “prep” steps before diving in or you’ll find this to be a “NEVER ENDING STORY” … and perhaps a stressful one. You deserve better!

I compiled some of my best pro tips into two videos to help you conquer your mountain… you may start out thinking it’s Everest but even Everest can be climbed with a careful, planned out process. (But most people dont know their situation is far from the Everest-sized task, until they get into it and realize the end is in sight. Let me convince you, or throw you a rope… you just have to ask!)

HERE’S THE FIRST VIDEO. Think of it in a less overwhelming context- like painting a room in your home. (No contractors can come in due to social distancing to do it for you but you still want it done, right?) IF you really want it done, this will help you DIY!

HERE’S THE SECOND VIDEO. I broke them into two parts, simply to help you receive information in smaller bites in a clear, concise way. Let me know what questions come up! And if you still have old formats that you have not digitized yet, feel free to contact me for some choices to help you!

Happy viewing, photo lovers! Please don’t forget to SHARE THIS with anyone you think will value this information. (Folks who had a film camera, who are downsizing, who have inherited boxes of family treasures, or who simply complain about clutter in their homes… they’re likely to appreciate information like this.)

In gratitude, Kris