Meet Kris

Kris LeDonne lives in Whippany, NJ with her loving husband of 23 years and two wonderful children. She has been preserving and managing captured memories for families since 2003 and adores her work. After facing the threat of losing her family photos and videos to a house fire in 2006, she made it her work’s mission to not only protect these priceless memories for generations to come, but to inspire people to share them with their loved ones. Your most important memories deserve to be “insured” and easily shared so you can reminisce with those you love and experience the joy of strengthened relationships. Whether you want premium albums, wall displays, digitizing services or simply establishing a management system that works for you, Kris is here to make it happen.

Reminiscence Manifesto

WE BELIEVE that there is nothing more special than LOVING relationships.

WE INSPIRE the world to REDISCOVER and share captured moments that define the best in life.

WE BELIEVE that we have a responsibility to PRESERVE stories of greatness and love, and pass them on, to support future generations.

WE BELIEVE that SHARING STORIES with compassion, grace, joy and forgiveness heals hearts and strengthens communities to CREATE new chapters of love.

WE BELIEVE in the love of spirit, stand for CONTAGIOUS COMPASSION, and work to create an enriched, loving FUTURE for all.”