The power of reconnecting

I received a text recently that melted my heart into a puddle and just had to share! Cathy had me transfer some family film reels from her husband’s childhood, with the intention to share them at their annual family Chinese New Year celebration. A few days after their family gathering I received a text from Cathy in response to viewing the films: “Watching the movies with my mother-in-law and she has said six words in the last hour which is more than she has said in weeks! Thanks so much, it’s awesome!” She continued: “Maybe its the therapy that she needs?” Along with this lovely photo, she wrote “Louise smiling (which she hasn’t done much of lately either) watching the movies!” Cathy then went on to explain that she got the Google account to work on their large screen TV and her husband and his brother’s responses: “And both boys had different teary moments, both jumped out of their seats to get closer [...]