Did you know this about me? 

First of all- NO DISRESPECT to any bankers out there. I actually may have loved it if I’d taken a different approach. No placing blame, it’s just a story with some lessons. 

I was in college and needed a summer job. I jumped at the opportunity to collect a regular paycheck –without considering if I’d LIKE the work. I can honestly say it was the WORST job experience of all time for me. Can you relate? 

Looking back, it’s now easy to find so many good lessons that were waiting to be learned from every experience- even the unpleasant ones. At the top of the list- knowing what I DON’T like is just as important as knowing what I DO like. 

Without a challenge, or negative emotions to help us recognize something we dislike, how else would we look for something better to aim for and appreciate? Rewards are all around us, waiting to be allowed in! 

Now back to the bank job. I was a floater; I filled-in for other tellers who took vacation or sick days (like a substitute teacher- a role I also played for a time). I rarely went to the same branch twice, learned very few names, and before long was targeted in a forgery. Yup. Pre-social media times… an old fashioned signature forgery. Sigh.

I did my best. I was reprimanded. I quit… I felt ashamed… It felt awful. Can you relate? UGH!

I didn’t make a single friend that summer. No doubt because I wasn’t around long enough to develop any. My loss; My lesson. I quit before discovering something positive and meaningful.

Today, I choose to work the way I do; I love getting to know my clients. The experience of preserving THEIR legacies becomes part of MY OWN legacy. When my clients share their life’s best moments and deepen their relationships in the process, my legacy expands. It lights me up. This is not just work; I’m living my mission!

Families have stories- heritage and recent memories- and they are precious. By managing them and making them easy to share, loved ones get to make NEW memories while rediscovering and sharing old ones. It’s why I call this business Reminiscence. 🙂 

If your legacy needs to be preserved, celebrated and easily shared with those you love, and you really want to know how to do it yourself, then you might want to check out DIGITAL PEACE. 

DIGITAL PEACE is an online course featuring a simple system, live support calls and a fun way to tackle that important task of managing those digital items (with extra resources for pre-digital ones, too.) You’ll find details HERE and you can actually reserve your spot today! 

If you really just need a pro to get it done for you, feel free to REACH ME HERE for a friendly chat. Your legacy matters, and I’m here to help you preserve and enjoy it now… while we’re both LIVING our legacies! 

Happy Reminiscing!

🙂 Kris