Have you ever been at a gathering, and did your best to snap photos only to later discover you had people squinting, severe shadows causing distortion, or a sun glare that made it impossible to see faces? Here are three key tips to help avoid those outcomes, to make the light work FOR you rather than work AGAINST you.

  1. PLACEMENT matters: Whenever possible don’t snap photos in direct bright sunlight. The key is to avoid squinting eyes and harsh distorting shadows by moving to shade; more specifically indirect lighting. Caution: watch out for sunlight patches that filter through foliage and window panels… make sure there are no bright spots that blow out the color, or lacy shadows that distort one’s face as much as the severe ones in direct sunlight.
  2. DIRECTION matters: Do not take photos TOWARDS the sun… RATHER, let the sun be on your subject and behind the photographer. Same applies to lamps, lights, and windows… look for ways for light to land on the faces you are photographing.
  3. FILTERING matters: Cloudy days make FANTASTIC indirect lighting. The clouds do the filtering, reflecting and it can be actually quite bright in this weather. So don’t be worried if the clouds roll in… it can definitely work towards your advantage and even get photos with no sunglasses needed!

I hope you’ll try these tips and let me know what improvements you find in your pictures.

Happy Reminiscing!