“You make a big difference in a lot of people’s lives” – Rosie

Before I could walk out the door of my client’s house, she embraced me with these loving words.

Five days before this, Rosie wasn’t feeling so warm and fuzzy; She was grumpy, fatigued and only focused on her never ending to-do lists.

Instead of welcoming the satisfaction of the transformation, Rosie focused on her remaining chores. 

She was lacking presence, perturbed and stuck in worry mode.

Can you relate to Rosie right now?

If so, continue reading.

I was once in Rosie’s position too and always focused on the next task, next project, next activity for my girls….

I literally would lie in bed at night revising mental to-do lists, in place of sleep, relaxation and quality time with my family.

This led to pure exhaustion in the morning, stumbling through the kitchen after having hit snooze 1308408 times….

And that unfortunately put me into a ball of shame and guilt.

It wasn’t until I decided to create The REBL Effect™ for myself which allowed me to get present, and that gave me permission to pause, reflect and enter a state of gratitude.

No longer am I worried about completing every task on my list, because it’s never ending.

And Rosie received the benefits of this The REBL Effect™ method.

When I saw her 5 days later she was relaxed and visibly glowing, and gave me the most beautiful testimonial.

This is just 1 of my clients’ stories amongst many others.

My clients receive the best photo management system that’s customized, sustainable and simple. This is how they rediscover the love they captured in these photos; Love that inspires and creates joy. 

They can finally see past the “stuff” and relive the joyful memories captured in these photos.

This is why I am so passionate about rediscovering priceless photo memories.

If you’re feeling tied up in your lists, or overwhelmed by your new year’s resolutions, I have a gift for you. 

This gift will offer a way for you to face your tasks with a greater joy, ease and flow. I use it with clients but this will also benefit you as you face other aspects of your day.

Let me know what’s got you stuck, and why you need a better way. 


A joyful 2023 is yours for the taking, and I’m gladly doing my part to help!

Happy Reminiscing, Kris 🙂