This one’s for my fellow life-long learners and uplifters… the ones who know there’s always room to grow.

It all comes down to how we talk to ourselves. I hope these words find people who also want to live a better way- to prosper, connect, enrich and appreciate the beautiful lives we have. Let’s add more fun and more beauty as we go!

What are we telling ourselves? We gather information from our own experiences and by observing others, often mis-interpreting how things unfold. Then our brains file them away as rules to live by- that’s life. Our ego adds details for our own protection… sometimes making the situation far more dangerous to keep us away. Well, that’s how I lived until recently.

Decades of gathering mis-information has grown into layers of self-limiting beliefs for me. I’ve been doing some self evaluation, gained new awareness, and now I’m choosing to give myself compassion & forgiveness. I’ve decided to confess & release those layers so I can live a better life for myself and in that way.

These are a few of the things that I’ve identified in myself. Can you relate to any?

  • Careful (painstaking) attention to detail – the details that make a short project into a huge ordeal.
  • People pleasing (trying to make others happy, ignoring my gut to follow instructions, “helping” others before they ask, dressing to please, over-delivering…yikes!)
  • Not asking for help (and therefore taking too many years to hire help)
  • Worrying (second guessing my decisions, more checklists, double-checking, being late for my own appointments while making sure my people get to theirs on time).
  • Over-editing (as granddaughter of an English teacher, perfect grammar & spelling meant avoiding criticism to my younger self).
  • Burn-out (doing too much, working harder, being all things to all people)

The list goes on. As you can see (if you’re still reading, lol) these are well practiced behaviors. By sharing some of my truths, I hope to inspire others to identify things to release and practice self-compassion. Please just know above all- I hold safe spaces here, free of judgment for you, because as long as we’re breathing, we can grow.

I don’t expect others to be perfect, so why should I expect that of myself? Self compassion is the name of today’s remedy.

What can you do for yourself today to show self compassion, and maybe by doing that, you’ll inspire others to have compassion for themselves?

Maybe plan some down time, prioritize a task you’ve been wanting to do for yourself. And of course consider forgiving yourself for something you didn’t do and felt you should have.

In these ways we can better see the silver linings; Like finding a treasured memory that was hidden in your camera roll, savoring the emotions while you reminisce and discovering the involuntary smile that graces your face in the process. That feels better.

If a single act like tidying up your camera roll sounds like a satisfying thing to have, I invite you to grab my freebie & gain access to a complimentary help session I’m hosting for you on October 12th. It’s designed to be fun and uplifting; Not just a task completed.

Let’s say something kind to ourselves today and welcome some help when we need it. The other things will get done when they get done. Things work out.

Happy Reminiscing:)

<3 Kris