It’s the soothing emotion that calms a feeling of need. It’s the gold bottle of water from a Lyft driver on a hot summer day. It’s reminiscing over a rediscovered moment, for the purpose of letting a grandchild know their late grandfather better. It’s the card my grandmother wrote me when I was away at college, that I keep in my old Bible so I find it when I open it each time and her voice is immediately brought back to mind by the sight of her handwriting. That’s one way I practice kindness for myself; I allow that memory to continue to bless and affirm me.

In my work, I love witnessing and delivering moments of kindness through my clients’ rediscovered memories. That’s why I love #DeliveryDay. Kindness is the current that flows, but it doesn’t happen instantly. Much happens behind the scenes before #DeliveryDay can happen.

Speaking of “behind the scenes,” those close to me can attest to my love and adoration for Fixer Upper and the movement that’s been started by this dynamic couple, Chip & Jo Gaines in Waco, TX. I’m convinced we were meant to be the closest of friends. It’s their mission that resonates with mine; We are all family-centric and now that I spend so much time in Waco, TX as a #BaylorMom, I’m even more convinced that we’ll be fast friends soon enough. I’ve journaled about being their MagnoiaLegacyMaker; Their “Jimmy Don” of family photos and memories.  One of the many ways I relate to their work, is in the fashion that @ChipGaines loves #DemoDay to kick off the projects he and beloved wife @JoannaGaines tackle. For the purpose of bringing back a bit of precious history and honoring families they serve; I love #DemoDay.

My work version of #DemoDay is a bit different- it doesn’t involve a dumpster and sledge hammer. Sometimes my work involves an invisible (digital) recycling bin or actual trash cans and recycling bins. The sorting, the scanning, sifting and assembling of precious family memories is the less glamorous work I do. That’s the #DemoDay work I do with great love. Sometimes I see myself as a treasure hunter; ready to find, polish & deliver precious treasures that magically mend and affirm relationships. In the process I experience an emotional high. Kindness is the pulse behind the client wanting the job done, and I know the joy at the end of the process when these moments are delivered. I love shining a light on the good, the love and the light in our world and seeing others receive these gifts.  There is so much good witnessed in photo and videos, and they always inspire MORE!

Part of my #DemoDay includes removing the parts that don’t serve us. The blurry images that cause clutter and don’t elevate, inform or convey value beyond the other images- they are blessed and released.  #DemoDay involves removing the extra images that are faded or blurred and keeping the best ones, allows us to focus better on the story preserved. Stories of love, heritage, culture, seasons… things that bring the best of the past to enrich the present. Much like renovating a historic home, some of the moldings and features can be restored, recreated and the rotted, moldy parts must be removed for the health of the structure. By bringing the best features of the past forward, we honor the space and enrich the lives of those who live or work there today. 

If you’re sitting on photo clutter that could be hiding treasure chests full of blessings, I encourage you to take a look at it, or reach out for a conversation about what might be done about it. If you are convinced that this needs to be done, and you need help getting it done- I’m here for you! Have the project done FOR YOU… or with help. And if you’re convinced you can do it yourself,  you just need some help with the “how to” part of it… you may want to check out my #DigitalPeace program. Your #DeliveryDay can be sooner than you think. I believe in you and the stories that await. #DemoDay is a great way to start, but I’ll stick with you till the finish. That’s my kindness mission. You matter, and so do your stories. 

Happy Reminiscing 🙂 Kris