When it comes to getting organized, it’s no wonder why so many people have made a career out of getting it done. Too many options and no idea where to start are some of the initial reasons to put it off, and when you add in the emotional factor, things can seem even more difficult. So I’d like to suggest a simple mindset exercise (call it a game if you prefer) to put things in perspective for the person experiencing those feelings of overwhelm, frustration, stress, worry and even helplessness. You’ll soon see what you can do something about, and what problems (negative effects) will disappear when you take the right action steps.

Fact vs. Feelings – take a piece of paper and fold it down the middle, to create two columns.

Then simply brain dump (in whatever order things come to mind) the various thoughts you have about your need to get organized. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF. JUST BE HONEST. The only decision you need to make in that process is whether to write those thoughts in the left column titled” facts” or the right side of the paper titled “feelings.”

This exercise may take a good 15-20 minutes, depending on how many factors you’re juggling in your mind. The results will show you what you need to do something about (actionable) and then the feelings that can go when away when those actions are taken.  IF you’re not in a state of overwhelm, then good for you- but for the rest of the overworked, overwhelmed world this should offer some clarity before choosing next steps to take.

I’ll offer an example – Hopefully your list isn’t quite as heavy or lengthy but if so, stick with me. Help is here for the asking!