NO, I’m not kidding. This is a thing. And if you never considered this, allow me to explain…

If you’ve been around long enough to hear my story about a garage fire that threatened to take my home along with all of my photo, video memories away, you already know why I made it part of my mission to protect these tangible treasures. This is part of the insurance I love to deliver my clients. The ability to not only replace, but reproduce albums so they can be preserved and shared with more than those who have the originals in their hands. Here are some examples of when digitizing albums has been the go-to solution for some of my clients:

  • Families who are re-organizing, splitting up or transitioning to more than one home.
  • Giving reprinted, streamlined copies to grandchildren, relatives and loved ones,
  • Sending digital printed copies to seniors moving into senior housing with smaller spaces,
  • Downsizing individuals who simply don’t have space in their new homes,
  • Organizations with generations of members who want access to their photo history,
  • Historical societies with aging memorabilia at risk of fading and deterioration,
  • Natural disasters that cause flooding, mold and other irreparable damage,

The list goes on. If you think this service may be something that brings relief and flexibility to you or someone you know, please share this post or contact me on this website! There’s no reason why we have to lose such parts of our history and digitizing them will ensure the best parts of our lives can be preserved and passed on.

Happy Reminiscing!

<3 Kris 🙂