If you read last week’s post, you may remember I shared a hack to create happier feelings to help us function better in life. This week builds on that with a true story.

I’d like you to meet Pam. She lost her mother after an extended illness and contacted me to create some photo displays for her mother’s services. (Not an unusual request in my line of work). Pam found it especially difficult to select photos because she kept fixating on the images of her mother that showed her gradual health decline. The only stories she was heard sharing were about how sick her mother looked in her final days. She wept and I felt such sadness for her. She was stuck in her misery; Truly rooted there.

Seeing how much Pam was struggling, I suggested we take a break and have a cup of tea to regroup. Pam graciously agreed. I asked her what her FAVORITE part of her mother’s personality is. She smiled and I saw something switch in her eyes. She reflected on her quirky funny sense of humor and went on to say her mother’s legacy was her amazing recipes. I asked how she thinks her mother would like to be remembered. It was at that moment that Pam got quiet and I sensed a shift. When she spoke again, she told me that she decided to edit out the sick images and focus on the happy ones to honor the love and joy of her remarkable mother. We included some family meals where her beloved recipes were served. It was beautiful and uplifting.

Weeks later, Pam sent me a thank you note and I was so moved that she allowed me to help her edit the story to celebrate the beautiful memories. Reframing difficult moments (by focusing on better ones) makes us resilient and helps us remember the things that matter most. Love carries on, and Pam’s mother’s legacy is a happy one to be reminisced and passed down.

May the best of your stories bubble to the top and be the first and last thoughts we savor every day!

Happy Reminiscing!