The one time I felt completely hopeless, my house was burning with all of my memories inside….

It was an absolute nightmare smelling something on fire but having NO IDEA where the smoke and flames were coming from.

I began checking items like my computer, cords on the baseboards, and that’s when I smelled something. I ran down the hall.

Smoke seeped through my child’s bedroom carpeting, but no sign of flames to be seen..

I sprinted down the stairs to find 5-foot flames licking the side of our garage refrigerator. 

It was right next to the car with a tank full of gas, the snowblower and a full tank of fuel. 

Holy S$&%, I needed to act quickly

Shoes, daughter, scooped up the cats into a suitcase …

We got out FAST, grabbing my cell phone and then dialed 911. 

Then the smoke detectors started wailing … like nails in my ears.

Trucks, sirens, helmets, smoke, commotion, adrenaline.

I held my daughter on one hip, gripped the suitcase with the other hand and stood there, visibly pregnant with hair still up in a towel. 

We were down to the basics … but unharmed.

HEART POUNDING in my chest.

I couldn’t blink. 

My eyes were fixed on our home, silently praying as I took shallow breaths.

But I was missing something inside of my precious home that was moments away from being completely engulfed in flames….

And as I stood there watching the fire department put out the black smoke, all I could think of was saving my family photos & albums. 

Fortunately, our keepsake memories were in perfect condition, I could breathe again the smoke dissipated in the wind.

I cannot erase fire damage, but HERE’S WHAT I CAN DO….

I CAN PREVENT you from losing your legacy memories to fires and other weather related disasters through my course called Digital Peace.

We’ll work alongside one another to capture irreplaceable memories & protect your priceless family legacy.

If having your memories protected FOR YOU is the way to go, LET’S TALK.

Your memories are priceless. You deserve peace of mind. Help is here.

Happy Reminiscing, 

<3 Kris