I’ve been talking a bit about frustration this month:

…Frustration not finding photos,

…Frustration not having a system,

…Frustration over wasted time,

…Frustration that breeds frustration,

But the truth of the matter is that this often perceived negative emotion serves great purposes. 

The purpose I refer to is not to make us miserable, but to cause enough discomfort for us to consider looking for a solution, an improvement, or a chance to grow. It takes motivation to try something new, and a small irritation is often not enough for the average human to search for an improvement. 

Sometimes our pains [frustrations] are the only things that push us to take a new action. Inspired action like this unlocks the blessings. If we don’t let it motivate us and choose to stay stuck we can slip into helpless and immobile states. That’s when it’s most important to seek out someone who can get us unstuck; That’s when we need someone who can bring objectivity and perspective and help us see logical solutions that suit our purpose. 

In the context of captured memories (photos, videos) frustration can serve us as a motivator to do something better to preserve, manage and share them in more lasting and satisfying ways. When we can FIND these moments and know they’re protected from the unexpected threats, the options we can choose from are infinite that allow us to celebrate our relationships and best parts of life. Your solution may look like a digital system, streamlining your storage places, a beautiful album, photo gifts or wall displays. Whatever your desire is, if there’s a frustration lurking, that is simply a signal that it’s time to welcome a change, to unlock a better, more enriched way. 

If you’re in need of a session to tackle that photo/memory frustration, there are two ways you can work with me. 

  1. Here’s a link to my NEW online course which focuses on digital and streamlining old media into digital. 
  2. OR you can grab an hour to pick my brain and receive customized help, to implement on your own (with the option to grab another session if you need it.)

Whatever you do, I hope your frustration SERVES YOU. So use it to your advantage and let the fun begin!

Happy Reminiscing 🙂 Kris