Gratitude can help you purge excess photos. Does that sound odd to you?

Practicing gratitude is an increasingly popular topic of discussion, and now experts are empowering us to use it amidst our global challenges. Please humor me for this short read, while I suggest how something you may already be practicing can offer much more than emotional benefits. Gratitude can empower you to do something productive & practical like de-cluttering your photos.  

If you’re a fan of the KonMari method, you’re plenty familiar with the “joy test” which is used to discern if you need to keep it or let it go. But there’s an important element that isn’t as publicly recognized- saying THANK YOU before you let something go. Expressing gratitude for something you’re letting go welcomes peace and calm into your heart, mind and SPACE. This space allows you brain space and space in your home, to really enjoy the treasures. 

Are you skeptical? I made a video to share some thoughts with you in a more personal way. CLICK HERE to take a deeper dive into this thought process. If it resonates, you’ll likely find that this frees you up to make other mindful (not hasty) purging decisions regarding sentimental items. You are the captain of your ship, so hopefully this will serve as a compass to keep you on course.

Additional gratitude resources for you:

If you want some practical ways to fuse gratitude into your days check out this free video resource for you, courtesy of “Gratitude Psychologist” Dr. Peggy DeLong. She’ll share 5 simple ways you can start practicing gratitude on a daily basis. When you practice with intention, it’s amazing how quickly you can start to feel positive changes. The mind is far more powerful than we realize… even at times of stress and loss. Peggy is a dear friend and the engaging author of  I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude

Happy Reminiscing, Kris