No nonsense- here’s my hack: Thoughts determine feelings therefore by choosing more positive thoughts, you’re choosing positive feelings. It’s really that simple, and I didn’t say it was easy.

You must be wondering why I’m writing about this mindset topic? Simply, it’s because I want my legacy to be full of stronger, happier people and stronger, happier relationships. In order to make that happen, one must choose positive thinking skills that can override the toughest mental blocks that keep one from picking up the phone, or reaching out or taking that first crucial step towards a resolution when something is causing pain. I PROMISE if you stick with me on this read, you’ll have the best foundation for the methods I’m rolling out in the next weeks, months and the special tools I’m bringing you this year. Please stick with me…

When you think about what you want and DON’T have, that’s the recipe for feeling lack, need, scarcity and even desperation. That’s all I’m going to say about negativity… let’s go to the place where people create their own happier way of life.

When you think about what you want and enjoy the process of the gradual unfolding, that sets you on a positive train of thought where solutions present themselves. With that come feelings of hope, curiosity, fun, enjoyment and eventually paves the path to satisfaction and success.

Here’s one exercise that has benefitted me so I’m paying it forward; Ask yourself “What is one good thing I like about this subject?” When you focus on a small step, a positive effect, a discovery as a result of whatever you feel negative about, THEN… you are giving yourself a reason to feel a degree better. Then sit with that better feeling, and see if there are more positive names, faces, skills, alternatives that are attached to that positive thought. Let it snowball. Over time, this slight adjustment will offer you an entire course correction that will bring you not only to a happier place, but you’ll empower yourself and those you influence to live in a positive space in any circumstance.

Again, thoughts determine feelings. And therefore Positive thoughts, deliver positive feelings.

I love to use photos to help me feel better. I actually discard photos all the time. Not just the mistake shots or the one where they blinked, but the ones that capture negative moments that I do not want to connect with or cause someone else to create a negative connection. I want to create a brighter future, built on the best outcomes of today. Lessons learned to build others up; not stay in a place of pain.

Read more next week about using this method to edit photo collections to create a high quality photo collection with much happier legacies for myself and others.