Officially recognized by Congress in 1987, National Photography Month is a time to celebrate photography as an art form, the history of photography, and taking selfies on your phone.

OK for me, I actually think every month, week day and year is cause to celebrate photography, but it’s really cool to know congress made it official. I feel like I should be giving you posts and content to support your use of photos or something… oh, yeah… I already do!!! OK I’ll stop being silly and get to the good stuff. YOU AND YOUR PHOTOS. 

In honor of National Photography Month, I’d love to celebrate YOU, YOUR photo art, YOUR history in photo, and YOUR best selfies. Seriously.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to engage with me a little on Facebook for some month-long sharing! I am going to feature two photos you share each week, and from those featured, I’ll select a winner in June, with a Reminiscence prize to be awarded on National Photography DAY (June 29). There will be prizes and I’ll reveal more details as the month goes along… the more you’re sharing and commenting, the better your chances to win. 🙂 

So click THIS LINK, join the conversation and read details for participating in this month-long celebration – and find a community where you will want to stay long after May 2022!!! 

Happy Reminiscing,

<3 Kris 🙂