Confessions of a Control Freak (COACF-recap)

ICYMI – The past few weeks have been full of pain. Just kidding! Quite the opposite. 

The “Confessions” or “COACF” series was intended to create honesty, vulnerability and authenticity here in our safe space of photo lovers. 

I’m clearing out a lot of emotional and habitual clutter to make room for so many wonderful things to happen. Here’s a recap or remedies we’re relishing:

  • Self-compassion is a shortcut that allows us to welcome positive change
  • Finding trust means letting go of old beliefs that get in the way
  • Trading in perfectionism for joy means letting go of a lot of head clutter
  • And the list of small, measured changes that make the greatest impact over time!

Life is precious, memories are priceless and when we share our best memories with those we love, new wonderful stories are created … It’s like the butterfly effect! 

Wikipedia says the butterfly effect is when a small subtle change can cause much greater differences over time. So when we make small adjustments to how our legacy is created and passed on, we can have joyful results and great satisfaction from the process. 

Goodbye photo junk:  Hello beautiful collection of memories! 

I’ve helped clients for over 20 years celebrate life through their photo memories. It lights me up! I love the rainbow of tasks, finding the shortest distance between my clients’ pains and a celebration through photos that strengthens relationships. Everyone’s path is their own and I love to help them navigate.

If you missed it, I extended a heartfelt invitation to folks who want to learn my system to manage their photos—regardless what devices or platforms they have. I’m helping my students DO THEIR OWN photo managing, because they have bandwidth and a desire to learn with a system that works, support that keeps them on track, and a community of other photo lovers who are on the same mission … to make reminiscing easy again! 

This may not be a perfect fit for YOU, but perhaps you know someone who needs it. The program is called Digital Peace and it’s for:

  • Photo lovers who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the state of their photos.
  • People who believe the technology has changed and abandoned them since the days of film.
  • People who have the time and desire to learn how to manage their own memories.
  • People whose need is great but they need a smaller budget for the task of getting this done.
  • People who love to flock with their own birds of a feather… (If you know me, that analogy hurts me … a story I’ll save for our class time together.)

Your memories are priceless and they can be protected before they fade, a storm hits, a mover misplaces a treasured box, or a pet has other plans for them. You know what I refer to—the unplanned events in life. 

If you’ve been meaning to get your memories managed, the clutter removed and a lasting peace that you can find, share and enjoy your photo memories, now is the time to act. You deserve “Digital Peace,” so you’ll know where to find your captured moments that matter the most. 

What photo of yours fills your heart with joy every time you see it? Please share! And please help me spread the word about Digital Peace … because everyone deserves to have theirs! 

Happy Reminiscing:) 

<3 Kris