Do you know why babies laugh? I believe it’s because they have no restrictions, filters, or hesitation to keep them from filtering out a joyful response. When I hear baby laughter, I can’t help but smile or often laugh along. They snap me out of my trance called “adulthood” and remind me of my natural joyful state. I LOVE THAT. 

But over the years, we build layers of skin formed by our experiences, influencers and systems that were designed to make us productive members of society. Things don’t always go the way we like, or we don’t take criticism lightly and we go to extremes to avoid all faults and opportunities just to be criticized. And the result for me is: perfectionism starts to take over.

Have you ever considered that the more room we make for perfectionism, the less space there is for joy? Time to clean THAT closet out; let’s get a little messy for the sake of letting stuff go that no longer serves us! 

New Jersey SUDDENLY got cold this month. Like someone flipped a switch. I immediately had to bring out warmer seasonal clothes. I love the four seasons, but with two older teens, I’m about to be the shortest one in my household, lol! 

Anyway, for the first time in my life, I got the hand-me-downs. My girls give me the clothing they no longer wear, and I find myself weeding through ‘good clothes’ that are filling my drawers and closet. These extras are in the way of helping me complete outfits—there’s too much!

Sorting clothes isn’t very different from the work I do with my clients’ photos. We quickly identify what is important, and what can be deleted. Some may prefer I do the work for them, and others want to do it with my support and coaching. The result is the same; reminiscing is easy again.

I offer a transformation from clutter, overwhelm and confusion, to a photo collection that serves them in a system that they can maintain … ultimately causing a greater joy from sharing them with those they love. 

In this way, I believe that enjoying and making memories while sharing photos adds to our joy and overall wellness. You could call it a form of self-care, and of course relationship celebration. All good things. 

If a single step like having a tidy camera roll sounds like a way for you to uncover more joy, I invite you to grab my freebie & maybe you’ll want to take a deeper dive. Digital Peace enrollment is OPEN NOW. 

Why join? Digital Peace is a safe space I hold for my students who want to not only manage their own photos, in a lasting and effective process, but uncover and create more joy together!!! 

This course is NOT for folks who:

… don’t care about making their photos last.

… are perfectly happy hiring me to do all of the work for them.

… refuse to learn something new or welcome a transformation.

… want an angry drill sergeant for an instructor; that’s not what I do.

What photo of yours fills your heart with joy every time you see it?  Those are the moments I live to share!

Happy Reminiscing 🙂 

<3 Kris