Now is the PERFECT time to get those photos managed… or at least SOME of them so you can ENJOY them.  No, I’m not shouting, just using the CAPS to express my enthusiasm and encouragement during this strange new “normal” we’re working with. “Social Distancing” is a term I never imagined but am so thankful for all officials, experts and those in positions of authority have.  Since so much of my services are done with “in home” interaction (and quite honestly I miss visiting my clients dearly) I have put some learning and lots of time into making some videos so you could feel like I am with you. NO WAY would I claim these videos to be professional quality… they’re perfectly imperfect. However humans are not perfect, we are relational and I hope you feel better connected, empowered and supported by receiving these videos (which can always be replayed if you forgot something!) 😉

Well, here’s the first one of a series to help you get some progress. If you need MORE content before my next email, you’ll see this video belongs to a playlist on YouTube which I will continue to add to.  BTW may I ask a FAVOR??? I would love to hit 10 followers. LOL isn’t that funny?  (Seriously, my teen subscribed and I am grateful for the first follower… but perhaps there may be 10 more people in the world that decide they value this content and want to click that little button… maybe even 15 if I want to think REALLY BIG! Ha ha ha!) That’s more than enough begging for now, so let’s get to the content. And ALWAYS let me know what you want to learn next. Use my THIS CONTACT FORM to share your feedback, questions and requests… and please be kind! I am far more motivated by kindness than complaints. Aren’t we all???

Thank you so much for reading this far… your time is valuable so CLICK HERE for the first video (which focuses on printed pictures.)

With sincerest gratitude, Kris