Manifesting better days through reminiscing over your most precious photo and video memories is my secret sauce.

I’ve noticed all kinds of stories online, about how people are manifesting their dream lives.

Some will say buy a book, others sell a coaching program, or any number of investments.

WHAT IF you ALREADY HAVE the tools to manifest your ideal life.

What if it’s just hidden in your closet, sitting on your shelf or in your pocket?

STAY WITH ME, this is really important 🙂

Photos have magical powers that allow us to attach to transforming positive emotions- if we let them.

We don’t need to go back and re-write history, but we can focus on the blessings of our past to magnify the beauty of NOW.

One thing I know for sure, is that love felt at one point of time does not die; It is expansive and evolving and so are we.

The question to ask ourselves is simply this:

Are we manifesting through reminiscence to our benefit, or are we manifesting through reminiscence to our disadvantage?

For those who aren’t already familiar with my work, here’s a quick description:

On the practical side- I make old memory formats new (digital) so they’re protected, I manage images so they’re  easy to find.

On the creative side- I design photo displays & albums to make reminiscing more fun, and to celebrate life. 

This work matters to my clients because together, we play a role in creating healed, loving, connected communities now and for future generations… with a lot less clutter.

We curate life’s most special moments for the sake of preserving legacies of love that uplift and inspire.

I always talk and write about reminiscing because that’s why photos were invented; To remember!

Manifesting through reminiscence is like marinating our hearts in powerful emotions. 

We get to CHOOSE our “emotional marinade” – these are the thoughts we focus on, that evoke our feelings. 

Some marinades are spicy, sour, salty, sweet… every flavor has its purpose, and the same goes for our emotions. 

Using a photo, we can connect to special feelings that enhance right NOW, which opens our hearts to joy, healing even bond with our loved ones more deeply. 

When we allow ourselves to work through painful emotions, we are then able to attach to beautiful experiences on the other side of that pain. 

When I take a photo of a loved one, I do it as an act of love, gratitude, appreciation.

Then, when manifest through reminiscence over that moment, it feels like like the universe says “Oh, you like that? Here’s more!

And suddenly I find myself lost in a series of loving memories and emotions!

It’s important to use reminiscence responsibly; Handle with care.

The reverse is true also.

The tougher days when I begin with a powerful negative emotion- it’s like a slippery slope and the momentum quickly builds.

So what I’m proposing is that we start a new trend of purposely getting out ahead of it through reminiscing.

Now you know why I write #HappyReminiscing  with all of my content; It’s an intention. 

I invite you to approach reminiscence with the intention of marinating in love… because what we focus on grows. 

Let’s manifest & grow love. 

My family said goodbye to a wonderful human last week; My father-in-love. 

Loss is difficult, but I’m starting to see death as a transition rather than an end.

As humans we are so attached to our tangible experience, it’s often difficult to see beyond our physical senses.

My father-in-love; “Dad” is still in my heart. 

His legacy of love inspires all of us and the beauty he created in the world. 

We are his living legacy, and living our best lives is my way of thanking him. 

I look at our photos of him with the kids and have a renewed appreciation.

I am comforted knowing he is still in our hearts, yet no longer restricted by illness. 

My gratitude and appreciation for his life is the source of my smile right now.

The more joy I recall, the deeper my heart smiles.

Just now, the clouds suddenly opened up and brilliant late afternoon sunlight just poured through my windows.

It’s like Dad is smiling with me and the universe is saying YES, YES that’s EXACTLY RIGHT!!!

What will you manifest through reminiscing?

Is it a love story? A story of growth? A story of triumph?

By sharing stories of joy & savoring the beautiful emotions, we invite the universe to say… “You like that? Here’s some more!”

Let’s choose the thoughts, that create the feelings, that we want to live with and grow with.

I hope you choose to reminisce about loving, beautiful memories, that bring beautiful emotions, that radiate in the world.

However if you need a helping hand because your photos are out of sorts and you’d like to have them easier to find & enjoy, please reach out.

But no matter what you decide, I’m sending you my love and wishes for a lifetime full of expansive love, joy, hope… and of course…


<3, Kris