PEACE OF MIND comes when you know exactly where to find something that’s important to you. 

I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED that knowing where to find your things brings mental peace. Whether it’s a tool, a yearbook, a photo or anything! I could bombard you with research or we could simply take a moment for personal reflection. 

IMAGINE: You’re getting ready to leave for a celebration of a close family member or friend, a thoughtfully wrapped gift in hand, and suddenly you thought of that perfect photo from a time long ago that is sure to bring smiles- you decide you must bring it with you. 

YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO FIND THE PHOTO. You go right to that shelf, open the sort box, grab the photo, (or open your laptop, select the facial recognition feature, click on that person’s face, scroll down and hit “print”…) then tuck it under the bow with the card, and off you go. 

You’re FILLED WITH POSITIVE EMOTIONS humor & joy as you’re thinking of is the laughter that will result when that image is shared. You are now even more excited to go to this gathering. That’s the power of having your memories managed.

Certified Professional Organizer, Andrea Walker writes:  “The transformation – before and after – offers visual, tangible proof of a job well done and there is a physical reaction in our body. We feel good, proud, accomplished.”  

If you are still dealing with the printed photo surplus, feel free to check out some tips in this post and video.  And if your issues are of the digital orientation, you might want to skip over to this post. But if you’re not even close to getting to the photos because you can’t walk across the floor to get to them… you might want to see what it’s like to work with the support of a certified organizer. Find Andrea’s website here.

Finding your best fit for professional help is important, but asking yourself what will give you greater relief TODAY is probably the best place to start. Remember, I’m here for you! 

Happy reminiscing, Kris