Are you sick of the clutter? 

Sick of struggling to find them? Of finding junk at every turn? Have you felt doubtful it will ever get better?

There are so many reasons why our photos matter to us.

  • A child wants to learn more about their roots.
  • A business mogul wants to reflect on their humble beginnings.
  • A teacher wants to share with their class about their journey.
  • A depressed patient wants to reminisce over a happier time and rediscover the light buried deep in their heart. 
  • A leader wants to celebrate the progress of their organization.
  • A visionary wants to cast a brighter vision, building on lessons from the past.
  • An artist wants to draw inspiration from visiting a master.

The list goes on. And no matter who you are, I trust if you’re reading this now, you have something to rediscover, preserve and bring into the present. Moments of love, inspiration, reflection and lessons learned. 

It hurts to recall a special time that you want to retell, knowing there are photos and you cannot find them. (or you lost them to unexpected circumstances). 

It just feels awful. 

The pain of a cluttered photo collection perpetuates; It snowballs until it’s so unbearable we are faced with the urgent need to make a change.

But change can be difficult.

Our human brains are so wired for the familiar; Even if what’s familiar is painful. 

The only way to improve is through change; An action designed to bring new results. And small changes are far easier than large ones. 

Small actions take minimal bandwidth, time and don’t trigger fear nearly as much. 

Your stress reduces, your heart calms, your face softens and a smile is actually possible again.  Renewed hope sets you on a path of lasting, ever-improving results and sweet dreams at night.

You deserve better.

If we haven’t met yet, Hi, I’m Kris. 

For over 2 decades I’ve been helping photo lovers gain joy from their collections. 

Commemorative albums, vacation books and photo displays are popular requests from folks who contact me, but the people who never get there are burdened by one common denominator; CLUTTER.

This is why I created “Building Photo Legacies™.

In 4 short sessions, participants receive bite size learning that’s easy to chew and digest, taking the edge of a fierce hunger or sense of desperation.  

You’ll reprogram your brain to make better decisions regarding your photos and it’s fun in the process.

Emotional and tangible results happen so your photos never make you feel sick again. 

Would that appeal to you? 

If this sounds much more do-able than a comprehensive, year-long master series that seems like trying to climb a mountain without any shoes, I want to invite you to join Building Photo Legacies™.

It’s a tiny commitment you’ll make to yourself requiring minimal time, minimal cost with lasting benefits.

With my help you’ll build a beautiful photo legacy that is meaningful, managed while preserving your life’s best moments. 

Are you ready to say “yes” to your photo legacy? JOIN HERE

Happy reminiscing is yours for the taking.

<3, Kris