Ever have a time when you’re smiling on the outside, but screaming on the inside?

It was like a tropical storm in my head; Wind swirling around, large objects tossed around, smothering any sense of peace and adrenaline was at an all time high.

Upset, hurt feelings, raw emotions raked the back of my mind. But they were there to prompt me to practice what I preach.



  • A grumpy text message from a friend who wanted to unload on me… I decided to get my family going before reading more.
  • Notifications waiting for me- The tuition check money was withdrawn TWICE rather than once.   I walked away and let the dog out.
  • Headlines of collections for the family who’s home had burned down, a sob stuck in my throat as I prepared food for the pets and put the kettle on for tea.
  • Urgent interruptions from family members- not all important
  • The technology that wouldn’t cooperate


  • The dog walk took way longer than usual in extreme cold and my bladder was not handling it well… then I tripped and my ankle started to complain.
  • The bank was settled, it will take a few days to resolve (after 5+ calls during my work day)
  • A crying child who won’t let me help
  • Dr appointment that didn’t go the way I had hoped
  • I prayed, regrouped and got a little work done.

Finally, Friday rolled around like a steamroller:

  • Alerts for non-conclusive information from a Dr, telling me to schedule more appointments.
  • A neighbor’s panic attack
  • A fellow volunteer starts sending multiple confusing [not urgent- way too early] texts in a group where everyone had many other things to add… that were better served on a short call. I cracked and replied to one, not expecting her to misread my words and take offense. Ouch.

I cried; I thought I was doing my best, however I was not approaching it as my best self.


Then I remembered my favorite music teacher, who’s response to every teen drama was to make us stop and sing to each other, with each other LOUDLY and let the music wash our emotions clean.

Music class is where I learned to “do what I love” as a way back to who I really am.

Remembering this, I took a cue from this blessed music teacher and I (wearing my imaginary course instructor hat) sat down with a photo that made me smile; I practiced what I preach.

My REBLTM effect served me, soothed me and helped me return to the calm and love that’s my natural state.

FINALLY- It was like a Disney movie

It was a fantastic day because I did what I love- reminiscing.

This self care practice, made all other things shrink to manageable size, and my calm mind was able to make better decisions.

It felt like a heavy yoke was lifted from my shoulders.

The words are not accurately describing how impactful this transformation was for me!

Now, every morning I look at a photo that makes me feel good and practice my REBL effect.


I’d love to show you in this new mini course, Building Photo Legacies.

YOU are welcome here– I hold safe space for loving humans who adore their photos and believe in connecting over special moments.

If you join soon, you’ll get BONUS live sessions to personalize your learning!

Anyone can be successful; You just have to say yes and SHOW UP.

Happy Reminiscing,

🙂 Kris