Ok, ok. Maybe that’s a bit over-the-top, but the truth of the matter is we are living creatures in an energetic world, meant for human interaction and without “touch” we would cease to exist. Literally, we as a human race cannot thrive without human touch.. sure we have discovered many things we didn’t think of doing virtually until a pandemic hit, and now we are masterful at things we didn’t know we would be. However the suffering from separating loved ones from one another and their communities has taken a toll. I am so thankful that my immediate family survived and in some ways thrived through new skills acquired, however I’ve never been more committed to my mission than I am today; Helping people live their best lives and share them with other to inspire greater connections, stronger communities and an enriched future! I just happen to use photos/videos to accomplish that.

Now, back to the topic at hand: PHOTO ALBUMS. This is an inclusive descriptive, including all scrapbooks, photo books, whatever sort of tangible book with pages and photos, created for the purpose of having, holding and sharing so we can celebrate, inspire and share the good in our stories. I love them. I live with them. I create them. I design them. I give them. I sell them. I. Love. Photo. Albums.

Albums help me preserve my legacy of love for myself and those I love. When I’m no longer on this earth, I want my work to have lasting ripples of love that benefit those whose lives I’ve influenced. Enough about me… this is about YOU and what brought YOU HERE to this post.

Like many things in life, it’s important to have the right amounts of things… food, water, air… too much water brings floods, not enough food brings famine, we as humans have specific needs for optimal living. We also have emotional needs that we learn to provide ourselves and our loved ones with, for truly enriched lives. When it comes to photos and captured memories, it’s important that we don’t burden our spaces with a gluttony of tangibles that are too numerous to actually appreciate. A healthy balance of tangible treasures and digital copies – that’s the space I deliver from. If you find yourself in need of downsizing, I highly recommend reading this post. However quality over quantity is not too much for you to ask. Having your very favorites in an album on your lap is a healthy, enriching beautiful way to savor what matters most to you along with the added joy of knowing they can always be passed on or reprinted with your digital backups.

So why would someone need or want an album who does not currently have any? It’s much like that delicious ethnic dish you have never tasted… you don’t know what you’re missing until you give it a try. An album is a way to record a story, a tradition, a culture, information, lessons, inspiration, wisdom… and of course love and beauty! The most powerful magic exists when one is GIVEN. It’s like building a bridge over water, so the mentioned treasures are shared between hearts and minds. It’s a proposal, it’s a story of survival, adoption, triumph, heritage, wonder, accomplishment, it affirms and empowers. An album received means YOU ARE VALUED. It’s a potent act of love. Albums are love. And self love comes when you choose to open your heart to receive such a message. That is an undervalued and unacknowledged act of self love that this world is starving for. To choose to receive, appreciate and acknowledge the love in the world that connects with your heart. I hope you experience this connection… this is the stuff that brings the world together in unstoppable ways. This is one recipe for unity, healing, prosperity, wellness and peace.

If this post has caused inspiration to hit and you know a perfect theme album for yourself or someone you love… or you wish you had 1 highlights album made with the best of that shelf of falling-apart family albums, I invite you to contact me for a friendly chat. I’m here to find the shortest distance between your memory sharing desires and a beautiful outcome, so you live and inspire the best in life!

Happy Reminiscing 🙂 Kris