I was a guest on a podcast!!!

You may be thinking… ‘So what, Kris; What’s the big deal? You’ve been on stage, TV, directed countless productions and are no stranger to a zoom call. Why not a podcast?’ Well, it was a FIRST for me, and I honestly got REALLY nervous beforehand. Firsts can be scary

When I booked the appointment to record with the host, I was actually living in a dorm room in downtown Chicago with my younger teenager, dreaming of the comforts of home. I was excited to find a new platform to find more of the audience I want to serve. It was a small win. It seemed so far in the distant future… but then the day arrived and my nerves set in! My stress response was pretty significant, and a racing heart was only one noticeable symptom. I am coming clean when I admit that I generated so much mental drama- yikes!

But then I decided to practice what I preach to those I love; I spoke to myself like I would my best friend. I told myself to take some time to breathe, meditate, and then revisit WHY I’m doing this.  The fear subsided and the excitement took its place. My excitement bubbled up as I remembered my vision; to reach more people who have the pains I relieve and inspire them to make a change for the better. I also wanted to feel connected to other like-minded, photo- centric, community loving people. And then I remembered this is a good -great- thing.

Another thought I embraced is deciding that authenticity is better than perfection. Just be me; Don’t try to be a “perfect podcast guest” like someone else I’ve listened to. I let the process unfold with the intention to have fun… and THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. I was true to myself, discovered the host and I had several things in common, and delivered my best stuff! At the conclusion of the recording, I was actually proud of my contribution to the episode and I was able to give and receive valuable information. I finished & grew from the process. 

Then I hit another block! Weeks later, I heard back from the host with the edited version of our conversation. I didn’t want to listen to the playback because I caught myself thinking “What if I didn’t do as well as I felt I had done?” Once I realized my ego was trying to protect me AGAIN, I just ripped off the bandage and gave it a listen while doing something mindless like dishes and laundry. I was so encouraged by listening to myself. I was reminded of the great advice I received, and some ideas that came to me as a result of this conversation. So many good aspects came from facing & overcoming these mental blocks!

I made mistakes and that’s ok. I forgave myself pretty easily in this case. (Another common obstacle.) There are a few things I can do better. Note to self: listen SILENTLY, Kris. But my notes and mental preparation really served me well and I am eager to find the next opportunity to speak with a podcast host, in another context. This was a positive learning experience, and I believe my audience I serve along with other folks working from home will find sound advice and resources when they listen in. 

At the end of the day, I took chances, I had success AND I found opportunities to grow. All good things. And I am acutely aware that there will always be something to refine, learn and overcome new blocks at every new stage and in every new experience. That’s just growth… it can get very messy in the process. I’m so glad I took this chance, because all of this would be lessons lost to me. I was reminded also, of my deep desire to teach others to manage and share their most precious moments, and to live a life free of photo clutter that hides such blessings. I am a better entrepreneur and teacher from having taken “this class” of life lessons. It may seem cliché to say life is a classroom, but it really is. Lessons surround us everywhere, everyday. Which lessons are you intentionally attending right now? 

I’d love to hear from you! What new [maybe scary] opportunities are you facing today? Is there anything your ego is protecting you from doing, when it’s actually a new wonderful growth opportunity? I would love to know how I can cheer you along in your journey, and capture some moments in the process, so we can always be reminded of the forward motion! 

OH, and if you’d like to hear my conversation with the amazing April Malone, as we discuss preserving and managing photos and some of our life lessons and wisdom about working from home and other “home life” wisdom… please check it out HERE.