…because I couldn’t find my photos, and then your email popped up.”

I opened this message from a subscriber of mine recently. I understood. This is what I deal with all the time. Not the first message like this  and it won’t be the last. 

It happens all the time. It can feel like some kind of ‘Photo Gluttony’. There are simple fixes that have lasting success and I love to help them get back on track and feel immediate hope and prompt relief! And NO you don’t have to stop taking photos… it’s what comes NEXT, that needs some adjusting. 🙂 

People take more photos today than they ever have before, in addition to old devices full of thousands of jpegs. They’re important and they’re in lock down, in all different places. People cannot manage memories trapped in all sorts of places- out of sight; out of reach. They struggle to find the ones they are looking for, let alone sharing and enjoying them again! 

Frustration is real. You deserve the peace, joy, fun and powerful positivity that’s being blocked by all that digital clutter. You deserve a lasting solution you can understand and trust. 

Then ANOTHER special occasion comes along and you’re taking even more photos (and 99 extras, in case someone blinks or the wind blows hair in crazy shapes) only to find 1000’s more in excess on top of the old stockpiles. Or you just can’t see what you’re capturing so you get plenty of extras just to give you the chance of a good one. 

Perhaps you’ll upgrade your storage, but then ALL of the photo clutter FOLLOWS you to the new device. It’s like weeds that multiply when you’re not looking. Grrr… 

Can you relate? It’s important to find a better way, so you can create and capture beautiful moments while feeling empowered to live your life with only the photos you care about most. 

Don’t blame yourself- you’re not alone! Cleaning out the clutter can be done, and the rewards are pretty immediate, fun and satisfying. It’s smart to start with one aspect, like your camera roll. Getting that managed is one way to help you create MORE mess going forward… so you break the cycle of future clutter. 

Speaking of camera rolls, I’ve got a freebie to help you with one aspect you can take charge of RIGHT NOW! And while you’re there, register for a complimentary online masterclass to give you a significant boost, along with other photo lovers such as yourself. 

Who else would appreciate these tools? Sharing is caring- send this along! You just might prevent a loved one from following a costly impulse to break, toss or damage their devices, LOL!  Let them know they’re not alone… I’m here to help you both. 

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Happy Reminiscing, 

🙂 Kris