Terms of use for Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne, LLC

These terms of use apply to information, products and services provided by Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne, LLC (also referenced as “RKL”). By using this site and any links provided, you are indicating that you agree and accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, kindly do not use, engage with or share these resources.

Proper Use:

User may not use, duplicate, change or publish any material from this site without written permission from RKL. By using this site and all included links, you agree to honor all copyright notices or other posted limitations. RKL will not reproduce copyrighted materials in any form.

Cancellation policy:

To opt-out of future emails, kindly write to kris@krisledonne.com with your name, email and request.

Cancellation of products/services is as follows:

  • Deposits for time services are non-refundable, non-transferable and final sale. Any additional unused portion of advance payments may be refunded within 3-5 business days of receipt of written request.
  • Custom printed photo gifts, jewelry or décor are subject to the RKL “happiness guarantee” – If you don’t love it, contact us at kris@krisledonne.com for product replacement within 5 business days of delivery.
  • Charitable donations and gifts are not refundable for cash or credit.
  • Gift certificates are final sale and will not be honored after the indicated expiration date.
  • Cloud Storage: You may cancel your cloud account delivered by RKL at any time, however account replacement will require reimaging, additional time and cost at the expense of the customer.


Your memories are precious, and we strive to protect them. RKL is not a cloud storage service and will not maintain access to customer images beyond written contract. RKL is not responsible for cloud security, internet security of customer accounts, computers or mobile devices. Maintaining proper internet safety measures is the responsibility of each customer.

Copyrighted content:

Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne, LLC owns all videos, images and information on this site. Reproduction of any part of the content is in direct violation of copyright.

User rights:

Handle with care! Users of this site are entitled to positive inspiration, insights and resources for preserving, celebrating and sharing family memories. Use of this site is entirely at the risk of the user and RKL assumes no responsibility for spyware, harmful viruses or compromised settings that may exist on user computers, browser history or pop-up settings.

Privacy Policy

Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne, LLC (also referenced as “RKL”) will not disclose, distribute, sell or rent any of your identifiable personal information to any third party, except as otherwise required and outlined in select individual customer contracts. RKL may collect information solely for its own use and may use such information in connection with its business and to provide you information regarding its products and services.

Linking to this site may be allowed upon submitting written permission AND agreeing to terminate the link if notified to do so. Any links to external websites are not under the control of RKL, and RKL is not responsible for the content of any linked site. Any website linked to the RKL site may not:

  • In any way, copy the look and feel of the RKL website or otherwise pass itself off as being the RKL company
  • Remove or obscure, by framing or otherwise, the copyright notice in the site or otherwise infringe on RKL or anyone else’s intellectual property or privacy
  • Contain any content that is threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, harmful to minors, sexually explicit or otherwise reflects negatively on or has the potential to damage the reputation of RKL
  • In any way compromise the operation of the RKL site

Your privacy is important to RKL. Extra measures have been taken to secure and protect all RKL forms, attachments and site security, however the user accepts all responsibility for proper internet precautions.

Note: RKL does not use pop-ups to deliver information.