It’s finally happened; What I said I would never do… I did it and likely you did too. We use our cell phones as our main cameras. Why not? It’s with us all the time! It fits in pockets, the lenses are far more powerful than any point-and-shoot camera I ever owned. Honestly these photos are fantastic (many of them) so why not? Cell phones have made it easy to constantly take tons of photos for free. (That actually depends on the definition of free.)

Here are some questions to answer to know if you may be in need of a little tidying up in your photo library.

  • Do you have over 1,000 photos in your phone?
  • Do you have too many frames to look through to find a good one?
  • Do you take longer than a minute to find a given photo?
  • Would you lose your photos entirely if you lost your phone right now?
  • Do you take photos on your phone regularly?
  • Do you wish it were easier to find and share photos in a moment’s notice?
  • Are you tired of buying more cloud storage while not at all sure you need everything in your cloud?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I’ve got an invitation for you!

On Jun 2, 2022 @7pm EST, I will be hosting a complimentary LIVE zoom help session for folks like you whose camera rolls on their phones need some cleaning out and to teach you some shortcuts to make it easier to find things more easily. We’ll talk about what it means to back up your photos and we’ll have fun in the process. So mark your calendars and RSVP to reserve your spot HERE. And if you’re reading this article, contact me about other dates and special support opportunities I have lined up for you! Photos are amazing tools that can enrich your life, when they’re not cluttering your space or in danger of being lost forever. 

Help is a click away!

Register first, share this post with a friend, and let’s have more fun together, while getting your memories in order!

Your “Happy Reminiscing” is about to be better than ever before!  🙂 Kris


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