If you travel much or just once in a while and you enjoy taking photos as you discover new places and experiences, then this post is for you!

Many of my clients appreciate having a vacation album or wall collage  to help them relive their best travel memories. They often take months or years to actually have an album in process  because they can’t seem to select the best moments and often never do because of the excess of time needed to to select (and remember) the best memories. Here are some important tips to shorten the distance between vacation and album (or just the best images ready to view.)

  1. Make sure you delete the excess as the day goes on, when you’re traveling, waiting in line, a down time or before you go to sleep. Get picky, then you won’t be weeding through to find the good ones. The following tips build on this…
  2. Try to be intentional about snapping photos. Don’t feel the need to capture EVERY BIRD you see (unless you’re documenting rare birds for National Geographic or something academic that requires this). The purpose is to allow yourself to BE PRESENT and experience your trip more fully. 
  3. Consider this: If you can download it from Google images, skip it and wait for the people, the personal moments that you care more about; You know, the ones with PEOPLE in the scenes you care about. Keep it personal, and I’m positive you’ll find your photos more PERSONALLY REWARDING.

What is your favorite vacation or travel photo? I hope you can find it easily… if not, I can help! Just ask.

Happy Reminiscing!

<3 Kris 🙂