Did you know the average American car owner buys 9.4 cars in a lifetime?

Imagine if you parked every car you ever owned in your driveway or garage? How much space would that occupy? And what if they can no longer be driven? Do you keep the broken down ones, bring them with you if you were to take a job or retire across the country? Of course not!  The added expense and logistical annoyances are too great to consider this. Trade in, sell or donate them and welcome the space for vehicles that serve you. 

And yet it happens all the time with our captured memories; Our photos and memorabilia are completely irreplaceable if they were to be lost, so we literally drag ’emotional carloads’ from one place to another until we either decide to UPDATE the formats, edit them down, or do the unthinkable; Toss them out! Some see little value in these captured moments, but let’s be honest- That’s not the audience for this post.

Life is ever changing. Every day is unique to itself. Every cloud is different, every blade of grass is unique… and certainly every life story is unique to the individual. Knowing that, there are some moments that get our attention more than others. I hope your attention is on blessings and joyful moments that bring you closer to other loved ones. My point is, that if you’re living and functioning with truckloads of memory clutter- the photos, the albums, the videos that are no longer enjoyed, is today the day you do something about it?

You may be sitting on worry “If I hand them off to be digitized I may never see them again,” or prefer the thought “I’m saving that project for a rainy day.”  The truth of the matter is, the saddest stories I hear are of the rainy day that hit a leaky roof and demolished a family photo collection that had not yet been digitized and protected. Or someone had passed away and they were no longer around to tell their family WHO these people were… So if you do nothing with them, they’ll surely be lost or forgotten and therefore good as lost for future generations.

Have you ever considered that living your best life is good for others? Maybe living in gratitude, recording moments of them with names and an occasional date, will cause someone next year, next decade or next generation to be blessed by it, and to feel connected to that gratitude you are experiencing right now? So this is only one way we can live our best lives. But what we focus on is what grows… so instead of creating a trash yard of lost memories, let’s create a cleaner space, a home worth loving and living in today, that hosts blessings for the future residents and generations to love in the now brighter future. Stories of art, beauty, culture, traditions, recipes, sciences, invention, peace, wisdom, love and light… there are so many ways we can create a more enriching now and it starts with one small decision.

If you are ready to make that decision to preserve a legacy of goodness, and some of that goodness is trapped in boxes and shelves and storage nooks, let me know what you’re doing about it! And if you need a hand to lead you through- You’ll likely want to know about Digital Peace, the online course launching soon! And if you want someone trusted to make it better FOR YOU… ask about my private client services.

If you don’t know where you land in that range but your heart is racing because you know you’re ready for something to shift, maybe you just need to schedule a 1 hour session to get a plan in place that meets your individual goals. One simple decision today, can make TREMENDOUS relief that brightens your every next moment. The choice is yours and it’s my mission to support you.

Happy Reminiscing!

🙂 Kris