Do you remember when we were kids and we would forget our homework, then make up an excuse… whatever it took to cover our tracks, or maybe it was hiding a bad grade from parents? You know… the one that they had to SIGN? Then the feelings of failure were enough to try to cover it up… then there were consequences for that?!? UGH painful lessons in earning trust!

Control Freak part 2 here; Let’s talk TRUST. 

Apparently I collected trust issues through the years. Anyone else? Maybe that’s why so many folks don’t trust technology. There are so many excuses, things we have to sign without understanding, then updates cause us to not trust something we don’t fully understand. 

TRUST is where I’m finding the most opportunity for growth in myself right now; Self-trust, trusting others, trusting technologies, trusting nature … It’s an enormous concept. 

One year from now I imagine myself reading this, thankful for how far I’ve come, the lessons learned, and the connections I’ve made. Ultimately, I want to create a legacy full of love, inspiration and stronger connections in the world. Those connections will be rooted in trust. 

Here’s how far I’ve gotten so far. Do any of these resonate with you, too?

  • When I trust myself to make good decisions, my worry shrinks and I get more done.
  • When I trust my mission or my “why”, I do effective and powerful work.
  • When I trust others, I can delegate a job and appreciate the pressure lifted.
  • When I trust my audience, I can deliver the best work I know without giving myself away.
  • When I trust my skills, I know that others will too. 
  • When I trust, life is beautiful.
  • When I trust someone who makes a mistake, I’m given a chance to practice compassion.
  • When I trust, I am whole again.

If you made it this far, I would love to hear your thoughts about trust. And if you’re in need of some encouragement, I hope something soothes you today. Maybe you know someone who needs to read this … pass it along! 

Speaking of trust, I created a COMPLIMENTARY tool, to help folks with tidying up their camera rolls.  I hope you’ll grab it, and as a result, you’ll have greater trust in your ability to manage your photos on your phone.  Grab my freebie HERE & if you want more, you can attend a complimentary help session for a deeper dive. 

People deserve to have a system they can trust, so they can continue to capture moments, knowing they’ll get to reminisce and enjoy them time and time again.

Thank you for trusting me enough to read this to the end. I appreciate you. 

Happy Reminiscing:) 

<3 Kris