Have you come across old video tapes that you’d forgotten about – or you realize you have nothing to watch them on?  Or maybe you have the cameras and old connections to view them but are afraid they’ll get jammed and you’ll NEVER be able to watch them again? Or perhaps you have watched them and realize they’re starting to deteriorate – Your memories deserve better than that.

I’m here to help. If you’re looking for a service, here are some answers to common questions people ask me. Please just remember that once these are easy to view again in their digital format… the magic happens when you SHARE them. There’s something extra special that happens when we rediscover moments from the past, share them with others and suddenly you’re making new moments filled with meaningful connections and strengthened relationships. Legacies are built, shared and born this way.

What memories have you rediscovered in old video and film? I’d love to hear!

Happy reminiscing, Kris