When we struggle

When things that happen (or don’t) in life and we look at our role in the unwanted outcome, stress & overwhelm take over.

Assigning blame doesn’t help; It just makes the pain increase.

We lose sight of the actual facts of any situation when we are drowning in all of the negative emotions that cloud our judgment.

It’s as if our FEELINGS become the negative story tellers.

Is that really an objective, helpful, constructive voice? 

Are you living your worst case scenario in one area of life that casts shadows on all other topics, too?

When we’re talking about our personal photo collections, this is a perfect example of how the lack of clarity guides us directly out of success mindset and deep into a mental torture chamber. 

When we are full of grief, regret and stuck there, often we discover more layers of  “worst case” scenarios unfolding.

If you’ve ready any of my blog before you know I’m no stranger to Photo Rescue Stories – my home included!

This is why I help people get out ahead of disaster

Just DECIDING to do something new brings relief.

Followed with small measured steps to bring continual progress, is my favorite way to welcome relief and ultimate CLARITY. 

World renowned Danish Chef Rene Redzepi earned the prestigious Michelin Award for his restaurant in Copenhagen three times.

He credits his success to his creative approach to store special moments (big or small) that occur in life and being able to see how they connect to the current.

This is when the past meets the present and something new is created.

This is an ideal description of the “space” where I serve my clients and coach my students.

I create safe spaces to preserve those special memories

When you can find, share and enjoy your special moments, you can then enrich the present, creating a new greater experience tomorrow. 

Those new experiences foster beauty through stronger relationships, communities and a greater sense of love and belonging in this world. I long to create a world of compassion, where it’s safe to become your newest & best version of yourself.

The world does not evolve and grow through photocopies, rather expansive new ideas this is part of a success mindset. 

Let’s move forward

We can create a newer life experience; A way of living that reveals new, exciting thoughts that welcome love, laughter, growth, and a refreshing renewal.

When we take a more objective approach and choose an inspired step forward or simply invalidate and dismiss the worry all together, we find freedom.

You are the only one qualified to make your own choice regarding the present and future of your photos, but I offer you support in doing so.

If you’re still not sure

The worry that occupies your brain space today is a worst case scenario.

Yes, it can grow even larger over time, as those worries invite all sorts of extra snags to the equation.

If you haven’t decided your next step, and you’re still carrying that heavy yoke of worry, I have a gift for you.

I created something to help you get to the root of stressful burden.

The amazing, caring, vibrant people I serve, know it’s not just about removing guilt and fears of failure;- it’s about preserving and cherishing their photo legacy.

You deserve so much more

I have a gift for you.

Let’s make room for happy reminiscing easy again.


🙂 Kris